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Skamolex............ Highlight your fire!!

The Original Moulded Vermiculite Panels.

Skamolex is a brilliant concept for lining gasfires, fireplaces and stoves, as well as a myriad of other uses, e.g. register plates, heat shields, replacement firebricks etc. etc. Their superior insulating capacity means better combustion and cleaner waste gas.

Skamolex vermiculite boards  are highly insulating refractory panels made from vermiculite. They do not contain any ceramic fibres and are therefore non-dusting, non-irritant and odourless. They have a high mechanical strength, yet are easy to cut and shape.

Skamolex vermiculite boards, new high density VIP 900,  now available for replacement firebricks.



Skamolex Blue....A Super Isol, calcium silcate board. Highly insulating panels in larger sizes than Skamolex used for construction of fire chambers, fire protection and back up insulation

The perfect solution for a lightweight fireplace chamber especilly when used in conjuction with SKAMOLEX 

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stock sizes: 25mm x 610 x 1000       30mm x 1200 x 1000       50mm x 1200 x 1000        50mm x 1200 x 2400

as easy as

1                                    2                                 3 

skamolex bricks

Max service temperature: Up to 1100.C (2012.F)

Dimensions: 114 x 230 x 25mm

Hot-face applications and back-up insulation, replacement firebicks in woodburning stoves, upgrade your stoves performance and flame pattern.

Good insulation value

High mechanical strength

High temperature resistance, withstand direct flame impingement

skamolex features

Highly insulating refractory panels made from vermiculite containing no ceramic fibres

Standard moulded designs traditional masonry, reeded and plain.

Easy to cut and shape with woodworking tools.
A multitude of design possibilities


High temperature resistance Low heat accumulation in lining materials, good thermal shock resistance

High mechanical strength

Good insulation capacity providing better combustion and cleaner waste gas

No ceramic fibres, non-dusting surfaces , non-irritant, odourless

skamolex benefits

Vermiculite is inorganic

  • No emission of toxic gasses
  • No emission of smoke or odour
  • Non-combustible

No known health hazards

  • The types of vermiculite used by Skamolex are examined at the National Institute of Occupational Health, Denmark (AMI*) on a regular basis to assure no content of asbestos-fibres and quartz. * AMI: ArbejdsmilΦ Instituttet

SKAMOLEX panels are made from exfoliated vermiculite having excellent insulating properties.

Vermiculite is the geological name given to a group of hydrated laminar minerals, which are aluminium-iron magnesium silicates.

skamolex insulating panels

Max service temperature: 1100C

Density: 700 kg/m2 (43.8 lbs/cu.ft)

Dimension L x W: 1000 x 610 mm

Thickness:20 and 25mm Portrait or Lndscape

Compressive Strength: 4.5MPa (653 lbs/sq.in)



Dimension L x W: 1000 x 610 mm

Thickness: 20mm

Compressive Strength: 4.5MPa (653 lbs/sq.in)


Antique Brick pattern

please also see 'panel fitting guide' pdf at bottom of page

Also available in Plain: Density: 600kg/m3, Dimension L x W: 1000 x 610 mm , Thickness: 25mm

Visualize skamolex panel designs in

Gas Fire

skamolex insitu

Wood-burning stove

skamolex insitu woodburner

Use for register plates and heat-shields when installing stoves

registerplate registerplate 2

Use for replacement burnplates or firebricks in stoves and fireplaces

skamoljex otul

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